What Happened to Online Computer Financing?

You may have noticed that there are fewer online companies that offer guaranteed or bad credit computer financing programs.About 3 years ago there were a number of lenders that were trying to make money by offering individuals with less than good credit, computer loans.As time when on, the lenders started to see that most of there clients wasn’t paying off their loans.A lot of online marketing companies believed that they could make a good income by finding the right lenders that would approve computer loans for people with poor credit.This idea of offering computer loans to individuals that had poor credit worked for a few years.Over time, more and more computer clients had stopped making payments on their computer systems.Finally the computer financing companies decided to end all 100% financing programs for individuals that had no credit, poor credit or have filed for bankruptcy.Over 90% of the companies that claim to offer bad credit computer financing are lying to the public. They cannot finance an individual with bad credit because there financing company will not approved that type of loan.The reason why online computer financing websites are still taking applications is because they know that there is a chance that some of the individuals that are applying could have good credit.They know that they can get the good credit individuals approved by there financing company.YOU CAN STILL GET APPROVED TO FINANCE A COMPUTER WITH BAD CREDIT!There are programs that still offer computer loans to individuals that have no credit, bad credit or have filed for bankruptcy.These types of programs would normally require there client to have a checking or savings account and they may require the client to send in a down payment before they would deliver the computer system.This type of program is one of the best methods for a person with bad credit to receive a new desktop or laptop computer system.There are other programs that require the client to make a down payment and make a few weekly or monthly payments before they would deliver their computer system.These programs are a little like the lay-a-way programs that were used by retail stores years ago. Many stores still use this type of financing options.BAD CREDIT GUARANTEED COMPUTER FINANCING PROGRAMSIf you have any source of income, you can get approved to finance a new up-to-date desktop or laptop computer system.You must have a checking or savings account and be willing to make a reasonable down payment.This works for the lender because they are able to offset there lost a little if you decide to keep the computer without making your payments.These types of computer financing programs will allow you to receive most of the new high speed desktop or laptop computer systems, even if you have no credit, bad credit, unemployed or have filed for bankruptcy.What type of computer system should you purchase?A lot of people are always asking the question, what type of computer system should I purchase?It does not matter in today’s market because most computers have more than enough speed and power to handle just about anything that you would want to do with your computer system. This may not apply if you purchase an old or out-dated computer system.You shouldn’t have any problems as long as the computer you are purchasing is not more than 3 years old.Which is better – Desktop or LaptopThere is no difference between a desktop or a laptop computer other than the fact that laptops always cost more than the desktop and they are harder to upgrade. With most desktop computers you can increase the RAM and upgrade other parts of the computer.But if you need to move around and use your computer in different locations, you will need to purchase a laptop computer.

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